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My first react-native based library - SVGR-IconKit

Here's the little background of this story...

Recently resumed studying about react-native and expo project and looking for a newer icon solution instead of embedding font files. SVG content rendering will be a better choice but right now it's leaking direct support from original packages - Just like font-awsome5, it's good for react.js in website but not yet in react-native / Expo.

Thanks to @gregberge/svgr provided solution. That is a good way to convert all SVG files into JS readable resource for React.js / ReactNative - by command line, or directly convert by webpack/rollup during build time.

But, it's still missing something like react-native-vector-icons in SVG... So here we are. i created my first react library - SVGR-IconKit, to render SVG Icon content with famous and common iconset from the market. And you can use the same package for both web and react-native (or expo).

If anyone of you are looking for similar thing, welcome to install / lookup from or checkout the details from github page or lookup all icons from explorer

Enjoy and give me notes if find any problems!

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