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Lets feed more here, with React/redux

After a long studies & works with react(native)/redux toolset, it's a fine set to start with the tools, how we play with state, memorized content and get it started with 5x developers.

When you doing a brand-new application with trendy (well?) framework stuff in giant company, It's an important thing to do on how you setup for the foundation and select the right tools for the team (and biz - who give you funding). Especially there a lots on work stream within a department, they all have their own scopes, release schedule, pipeline between F/E & B/E.

In react world, it doesn't like others vue and angular which's coming with a fixed set and regulation that you need to follow. Everyone/solution may be right or wrong due to his own reason. You can use saga, thunk, or own way of middleware; Structuring components with pure styling, presentational/sharable, container/routed; etc...

But most important thing is - before you show somehow, NOT just read the document in high level and also try to play(/prove) it by yourself with the team.

For next post, share more how we discuss for toolset.



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